Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Gold and Silver" by Stavesacre

Sometimes life seems to conspire against you. Sometimes things just seem overwhelming. Sometimes you need to retreat and regroup. Other times you need to pray that much harder. At times like these, almost invariably, I end up listening to this song by Stavesacre. They may not be the most well-known group... they might not be the best band ever... but they have always been my band. Their music has carried me through a lot. Sometimes, a song can say it all.

You slipped from my arms
I knew you had to go
Such a heavy heart
Who could hope to hold
And I know where you're going
And that's the hardest part
No matter where tonight ends
You won't escape you're broken heart

Stay a while

Helpless for the words
And it tightens up the air
It's not what you deserve
It's not for lack of care
Inside of me is screaming out
I'm praying for my prayers
Distracting and unworthy
Of each and every burning tear

Seems insincere

Do I see God in all of this?
Maybe all along?
It's just that we're so small
And simply not as strong
Strong like wings of silver
And feathers made of gold
To carry heavy hearts
To cover all our helpless souls

To cover all of us

Under wings of gold and silver sometimes we have to hide
For shelter from this bitter winter... at least tonight

If it were mine to give
I'd give you your own time
Turn it back or forward
Whatever you decide

Stay a while

I wish I could post an mp3 of the song. I won't. But I can point you to Stavesacre's MySpace page, on which you can listen to to the song. I would recommend that everyone listen to it. It certainly calms my soul. It's David to my Saul.


Taliesin said...

Great song. I did find it on their My Space page. The first song on the list is harder than the songs to which I would normally listen, but this one I might have to get from iTunes or Amazon.

I can't say I have one song I consistently go back to in those times. It has morphed for me over time. Now there are two songs, both by artists less well known than Stavesacre. One is Greg Adkin's "Are You Out There Tonight?" (lyrics; My Space - I'm not sure how often the songs rotate here, but it was on his My Space page for me). The other is Andrew Peterson's "The Silence of God" (lyrics; Virb - need to scroll down in the player). I would guess both are too mild (acoustic) musically for your tastes, but you might like the lyrics.

Life of Turner said...

It's hard to believe that this song was written almost a decade ago. It's Salomon at his best. Wow.