Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

Okay, time to champion a little-known television series. Flight of the Conchords, an HBO sitcom just entering its second season, follows two independent (read: failing) New Zealand musicians and their dubiously credentialed manager as they try to launch a career in New York. It's like Once meets Napoleon Dynamite. While the stories are fun and clever, and usually feature more than enough humiliation and self-deprecation to suggest outright derangement on the creators' part, the real meat of the series lies in its songs. I don't know how to describe them without spiraling into meaningless cliche: they are "off-beat" (whatever that means, especially in a musical context), quirky (but not sickeningly so), self-referential (but not sickeningly so), and... well, just fun. I lack the grammar to intelligently talk about music, especially music so obviously odd, so I'll just show you what I mean.


Nevis said...

I've seen this show on HBO but haven't actually watched it. I'll check it out now that it has the Zoyd snooty stamp of approval.

Life of Turner said...

Didn't I tell you to watch this ten months ago? What's going on? It's like you've been in school that whole time and haven't had a chance to do anything else. :) Glad to see you finally caught up with Bret and Jemaine, motha'ucka.

dcornelius said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... who's catching up? I'm not. I'm gearing up for the next season. I've been watching this since the beginning. I can't remember if you told me about, I told you about, or whatever. It's good times, though.