Thursday, August 9, 2007

Trailer :: No Country for Old Men

In case you haven't decided which movie to be excited about this year, I'll tell you: you should be excited about No Country for Old Men. Some filmmakers inspire pure confidence. You just get excited and a bit tingly thinking about what they are capable of creating. The Coen Brothers are like this. The first Joel and Ethan Coen movie I ever saw was Fargo. I was young, and I admit I didn't get it like I do now, but I knew I loved it. Since Fargo, the Coens have pretty much stuck with their own brand of comedy, creating films like O Brother, Where Art Thou? and one of my personal favourite comedies, The Big Lebowski. With No Country for Old Men, though, they seem primed to return to the world of modern noir and American neo-gothic, to the stark and blood-soaked sensibility with which they launched their careers when they made Blood Simple way back in 1984. I could hardly be more excited.

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Life of Turner said...

It gives me goosebumps every time. Is it too early to claim that this should be considered for the Oscars?

Derek out.